Monday, 9 May 2011

Thought Detonation #3 – Dead Rose

Of the 12 plants that I own, I had bought two rose plants last month. The good thing about these plants was that they were very alike. I always love symmetry.  Both were equally tall, equally green, equally dense and showcased one rose each. Both plants started equally well, placed strategically in middle of all other plants, in my balcony. Exposed to equal amount of sunlight and watered equally twice a day. But the thing that drew my attention to all the history of these plants is the fact that one of them was dried up. It was dead.

Gardening is one of my hobbies. And I always stay concerned about the health of my plants. I could not stop myself from wondering what might have caused the little plant to die so soon. I guess it was aging. The sapling might have belonged to an old plant. Or maybe it was just by chance that it ended up dead.

On the contrary “its brother” was green and beautiful. Bearing a flower as well and one bud just about to open. How could two similar plants, in the same house, of the same nursery and probably from same parent; could end up so differently? I was feeling as if that dead rose plant was an Artist who never made it to the stage.  Like a scientist who never published a paper. Guess some guys never make it. Some stars remain hidden, in some darker part of “our universe”. Some songs are never sung, some stories are never told, and some plants just end up dry.

So exactly it fits in “our scenario”. You never know whether you would make it or not.  You never know if that blind shot would be on target. In fact, with such uncertainty, each targeted shot is a blind shot in the first place. Though put into utmost care, the plant ended up dead. It’s like my efforts didn’t matter even a penny. The situation would have been same if I would have left it under the sun without watering it. So where did hard work go? 

It’s the appalling uncertainty that surrounds each of our actions. Since we mostly get a result from our work we tend to take it for granted that our gains would increase in proportion to our work. But we never know how all this could be disposed off. And all attempts would just end up in nothing. There is no “guarantee” that one can make it big in this world. It is, more or less, a matter of chance. Same efforts may lead you to ‘bloom’ or to ‘dryness’.  This sounds crazy and demoralizing, but is the truth. Even if it is, then, it just proves that we actually live in real world. A world with everything encouraging would surely be a fairy land.


To those who make it – Thank your luck first and then your hard work.
To those who didn’t and never will – It is the way it is. Some roses do end up dried. You are a rose. That’s your achievement. You are dried. That’s just a bad luck. Keep your head up because what you own is not by chance. Anything you are left with is because of your untiring effort against the bad luck that accompanied you. Even the subtle green color that my dried plant posses, it is all because of its determination to never give up. Unlike its brother who just took it by chance and bloomed.

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