Thursday, 26 May 2011

Thought Detonation #19 - Pain

Is it like being rowed up by the deathly harrow,
Something sharp, maybe like guillotine?
Is it like apple of Adam surfaces and dips to swallow,
Something burning, maybe like kerosene?

Is it sharp metal edge that can cut,
Kill with one strike, maybe like lightning?
Is it flash from a glock with Teflon butt,
Soul shattering sound, maybe like followed striking?

Is it like the rain drops falls and eat through like acid,
Gulp in all and just leave teeth behind, maybe like tooth fairies?
Is it like it could rip stillness of placid,                                                  
Which is sweet but kills, maybe like poisoned cherries?                   

Is it too thick to flow and viscous,
Hard to digest, maybe like betrayal of beloved?
Is it appalling and painful to fall on,
Planar and flat, maybe like a cemented floor?

Is it like the wind from dessert so scotching,
Dry as buried bone, maybe like a heat stroke?
Is it like stiff cold mummy dead of freezing,
Or deep red in colour, maybe like warm blood?

Is it like corner of the brick that hit you,
It hurts not because it was, but maybe because it did?
Is it like a rock climber fell from the Egyptian tombstones,
Kind of sarcastic, maybe he ends like its owner did?

With all these dark imageries I associate with Pain, I hope someday new leaf buds open and the dry weather passes away.

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