Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Thought Detonation #12 - Something for those eyes

I was hot under my collar today morning as I saw the feedback my blog was getting. Statistics didn’t impress me much but it was the reader feedback that was making me proud. I was on a verge of getting over confident. This happens to be one of my weaknesses and I try hard to keep it under a check. I was just surfing across a couple of blogs when I found this ( This guy has beautiful photography skills. I just love the way a few of his pics speak for themselves. What specifically caught my attention was this (

(Image courtesy: Joshi Daniel)

“In these eyes so helpless
What I see is depth
Questions eco in those little ears
“Why am I here”, yes I can hear
Something for the pain, that he doesn’t ‘know’
May be he wasn’t ever happy, or never showed
What those frozen lips might utter, when curtains of dumbness slide across
If they knew a little of how to express, that soul wants a flight of albatross
This world must be fake, or blinded by the bling
But I do care, and I think”