Friday, 20 May 2011

Thought Detonation #14 - Just Stay Happy Fella

…Today I am so messed up. Have been really frustrated and dipped in anger all day. Nah, don’t ask me the reasons. Dipped enough to forget writing the blog as well! So you see I am really preoccupied. When it comes to me, being preoccupied can just mean thinking, and being even more preoccupied, even more thinking. I am a thoughtful fool as many folks consider. Since I was so in filth, the thought was also about being messed up. I guess I have found a new caption for Sallu Bhai. We must replace “Being Human” to “Being Messed Up”. It’s a lot more apt that way. I am so head-cracked and nobody cares, you see that eh? Nobody cares….

…Since the thought on being messed up was a lot messed up itself, and of which, I don’t remember a single point, I will just tell you what I came up with. Even if you are all messed, just stay happy; at least pretend that you are happy. Now come on, how? I don’t know. Just stay happy and wear that smile eh. Just let people keep trying to make out from that smile if you want to bash them or hug them. Keep fooling yourself and pretend to yourself that even if you are robbed off your car or left roofless, god will have better plans for you. You see God? He actually doesn’t have much work and he is so vella that he starts to come up with good plans for everybody in universe! That is roughly 6,775,235,700 people; and he has a better plan for each one of them! WOW, efficient working han? Just if my state’s Police were quarter that efficient, trust me I really wouldn’t have needed your better plans Mr. God.
Know what? If you accidently drop a coin on road and lose it, it’s your mistake; but snatching money from someone’s pocket, throwing it on road, driving that person away out of sheer fear and then picking up the bank notes is called robbery. *Sticks a tongue out to the world* You robbed it fool, you didn’t find it! That guy was robbed and just didn’t lose his money. I want an FIR of theft to be filed and not of me losing my money. Get that darogaji ? Kya ? chai-pani? Kyu bhabhi ne nahi banaya? Bhabhi se bolo banaye, aur aapko tiffin me pack kar ke diya kare. Apko chai ki bahaut bhook hai na?*smile* Ek baalti le ke aya karo saath me.I really want to gift your wife a tub you know, or maybe a drum. So that she can make lots of chai-pani-nashta. Aap bahaut khate ho na? Kam khaya karo. Apko pata hai diabities ho sakti hai mota hone par? Aur blood pressure ki bimari to ho hi jati hai. Kuch nhi hua to heart-attack to aa hi jayega apko, fir apke bacchon ko ghoos ke paison se kon padhaega? *smile*Ye ghoos me mili gadi kon chalayega? Fir hum jaise logon ki help kon karega? Drogaji thoda kam khaya karo. Aur bhabhi se bolo apke liye khana banaya kare. Ap hamara itna khate ho ki bhabhi ke paas koi kaam hi nhi hota.Wo bhi aaj kal moti ho rahi hai. *wackiest smile* Maine bataya na blood pressure, heart-attack. Ab bhabhiji ka heart-attack to mai bardash nhi kar sakta*smile*

* darogaji traumatized*

Now you got darogaji in trouble. His company is laughing at him and he probably wants to kill you. He has a service pistol, which I guess would be rusted, and moreover a guy who asks you to bribe him a 100 bucks and later settles for 50, can never be man enough to shoot. So this means half the service pistols in country would be rusted right? Darogaji is still trying to make out what happened, as his fake dignity spills out and just flows off in the open sewage besides the road.

This is the real beauty of pretending to be happy when you are messed up. You can always transfer the mess to other guy and back-fire the trouble to the trouble makers themselves. Moreover, then, nobody can use your trouble for his benefit.

PS :
1–When you are fu*ked up early morning, start smiling like a fool; and other people would get fu*ked up trying to guess what you had last night.
2 –This is actually the last weapon left for us; of traumatizing the trouble makers with a smile when they expect you to drown in tears.
*Smile to traumatize*
*Just stay happy fella*

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