Monday, 16 May 2011

Thought Detonation #10 - The Way She Went

IMPORTANT: The following is a work of art, and by no means a cheap erotic story. If you don’t understand the difference between the two, please feel free to switch to other posts. Though this material is moderate, I still recommend readers below 14 years of age not to go through it. Not to mention, the following is a work of fiction.

I at times feel that the fairer sex get an undue advantage of us males. If a lady is young, beautiful and cute; we males just give in to whatever she says, and why not? A woman has a bonus when compared to men, the only bonus, that she’s a woman. *Smiles*. How they reap the most strangest of benefits from a man; and them being addictive, they can keep doing so. This makes me recollect a little incidence at Lajpat Nagar Central Market. Go ahead read it as I put it down for you all.

…I was with Rahul and Pulkit wandering about in the Central market. We were near one of the check gates and just trying to figure out the place we should start from. I was crowded as ever and presence of cuties soothed our eyes like they always do. These are the times when I am die-hard feminist. Women deserve a chance!! Bloody they rule the world. It was a cool evening and we mocked ourselves around as we threw popcorns on each other. Apart from a few exchanges of smiles, the girls had kept us quiet calmed. We, as like every damn guy around us, needed some chic to turn the heat up. Tank tops and swirling mini’s are OK, every one needed a change. This was the time we were joined by couple of girls from out group, Hema, Arushi and Avantika. They were back from window shopping troll and we were glad about it. Girls eat a lot of time. Well this is the only thing they eat without fearing their weight!! We were moving towards the 3 C’s mall now; plan was to watch a movie. Since the production banner didn’t pay me a penny for publicizing the movie, I am not telling you its name. You can take it to be a normal Bollywood romantic drama. We were making random guesses about the timings of show and guess what? The show started.*smiles*

Pink scooty pep plus, two fair angels, no helmet and flying hair, laughing their breaths out and best part, crossing us. We three kept our palms on eyes of our female companions. I wonder why we did that. I must have been the other way around. I guess we didn’t wanted to see them what we were looking at.*smile again*. The rider was a medium heighted, slim, fair and cute-expressional girl may be in her later teens. To guess, I think 18 or 19. She looked bomb. She was dressed in skin fit denims, stick-and-reveal top and a contrasting hair band with trendy slippers. All good and hot. But the center of attraction remained the pillion rider. She was taller, curvier, fairer and most beautifullest thing I have ever seen till date. Never knew a blue salwaar kamiz with crystal-ends on chunni could be so dope. Her clothes kissed her body as they stick to it, and lied so gelled with the curves to bring the best out of her. Definite 10 on 10 material. All guys gulped the saliva they had accommodated in their mouths as they saw the angel pass by. The whole road stared at her, including the stones that lie in the corner and every brick that was fixed to make that mall. The whole testosterone group bulged an eye as the estrogen group burned to ash. We could see girlfriends kicking their boys in anger and red hot faces that were so fair just seconds ago. We had eyes set on her as the two girls rode away on their pep. There was no revealing business, both of them fully covered, yet there was something that was turning on hunks so badly. The kurti-kudi, as we named her later, was a hot shot seducing machine. I wondered how she would look when she just woke up from sleep. I love girls in that look. I was imagining a couple of fancies as suddenly my eyes were locked on something else now! Her Back! DAMN DAMN! She has a rhombus cut on her salwar. ‘Dude look at that!’ I shouted as I watched her bare back, just a square inch in size but enough to get a guy in raunchiest of moods. She heard what I had said; she turned back and moved her chunni to give me a better view of that “white rhombus”. Then she turned front again and kept both her hands on the rider. Both girls were laughing as she teased me to hell and slipped both her hands on her rider’s tummy. Every guy watching had a heart attack. She knew I had one for sure. She straightened her back and raised her head, the rhombus slid up with her kurti. I didn’t find presence of any strap on her back. As the rhombus slid, it showed me how flawless a girl’s back could be. This beauty had just a kurti on, in public. She knew she could kill, and kill ruthlessly. She had her victim. I knew it was just one layer of cloth between me and eternity. She knew that I knew it. I stood there with my lower lip between my teeth as all guys around whistled. Yes I deserved a few, after all I was the one who made them see on-road-scooty-seduction act.*smiles again* Girls around me clapped and hooted at my desperate madness while I just smiled and closed my eyes to all the fun that was going around…

PS: I still go to Central Market every week, in evening, exactly near the 3 C’s mall, but never found her again. I just missed a chance to be with a just-one-layer-white-rhombus-killing-angel. That day it was two girls and just a rhombus cut Vs the whole crowd. Guess who dominated?
A girl truly is finest creation of god, they “raunch” you up like never before. With the kind of playfulness they bear, they deserve to be respected for that. So one big up to all the beauties that make existence a lot spicier for us guys.
Love and respect to all the feminine, especially for my fictional just-one-layer-white-rhombus-killing-angel. 

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