Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Thought Detonation #11 - When three friends part

Today I was again at Central Market, but not like that day. It was three of us – Mehroz, Pulkit and me. After mad fun ranging from Nehru Place to Lajpat nagar, it was time to part. It wasn’t a “see you tomorrow bro” kind of parting. We all would be leaving to different places after today. So technically we were meeting for the last time. It truly was a different kind of parting. We all had known each other last two years and our knowing of each other was subject to what we call friendship. I never thought these two years would be so swift when it came to slipping away. It’s like we remember the first day we met, so clear and vivid. It was nasty jokes and loud music when Mehroz came to drop us at the Lajpat Nagar metro. We had different ways to go from there, we technically had. Pulkit would go towards Badarpur end while I would go to Central Secretariat, opposite sides you see? While mehroz would just go perpendicular to both of us!! It was making us laugh, it still does. Too much of drama right? There was elaborate hugging, elaborate enough to get us noticed to the passing crowd. “Gentlemen, it is nothing the way it looks like” cracked Pulkit at the gentlemen.
We bid Mehroz a goodbye and he drove back home. At the metro platform, it was me and Pulkit at opposite ends. It was kind of dramatic, as all the memories flashed in my mind, how we had been equally rated, equally fucked up and equally nasty. We had blowed our lives big time, but I really don’t care about that much, I have earned two friends. There are rare things in this world that mesmerize me enough to let me want to cling to it. As for now, I really wanted to cling to my pals. I had most beautiful friendship ever, with them, and now that we were meeting for the last time, it was all butterflies in stomach. I looked at Pulkit as we waited for our trains on opposite platforms. We really don’t know when we would meet next, would we or not? I had similar partition two years back, in fact each of us did; similar feelings were then as well – butterflies in stomach. But life is more of a cobweb that entangles you so much, that even one call a week seems a lot to ask for. How buddies get lost, and friendships fade away with time. Pulkit will be back in Kanpur, and Mehroz will leave for Kashmir in a couple of days. I really don’t know if we will ever meet. These two guys were the most awesome guys to be with. These guys complete me.Yes there were mates and co’s but I never called them friends. These were friends; true, special and exclusive. I could see my train arrive and before it could make me disappear to him, I waved a hand at Pulkit and acted like am typing. He smiled waved his hand in return. He knew I was going to write about it, it’s the only way I keep them timeless to me. We waved each other a good bye as my train rushed between us. I got in and looked at him through the glass window, and kept looking so, till train moved and he ran out of my sight. I really feel I had an awesome security and support system - these guys. You realize the worth of a thing only when you lose it. I was a bit emotional, like I am now. Not that I want to cry or let other know that I am, but I just want to keep feeling this. There is a kind of contentment in air around and a feeling of having earned something. I have earned two great buddies.

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